Tone (pacing, music, mood)

This film is about perseverance. It should uplift us while inspiring us to do more. I see a blend of the everyday humanity of lifestyle spots with the urgent inspiration of sports-themed spots and the innovative precision of high-tech/medical spots.

  • Structure (character and narrative arcs)

We want to bring out the humanity of these researchers by expanding their identity beyond the lab. Following the arc of a basic three-act structure, our researchers will face a problem and fail, dig deep and retrench, and ultimately discover a breakthrough.



Though extreme, this classic Nike spot is a visceral example of a character arc that excites me - try, fail, try harder, succeed.


Though more somber than our film, this anthem has a strong, building quality that emphasizes character traits with an arresting mood.

A more esoteric example, I love how the pacing of this film utilizes a combination of wide angles, close-ups, quick cuts and subject movement combined with unusually mismatched sound design to create mystery and interest. I could see taking inspiration from this for the quicker-cut sequences toward the end of our film.