sorrel brae

Sorrel Brae tells stories…

As a visual storyteller compelled by strong performances inside big ideas, Sorrel has been fortunate to collaborate with luminary film talents and visionary advertising creatives on dozens of innovative projects, picking up a variety of awards along the way.

Born on an anarcho-syndicalist commune in Maine, he spent time in Nepal, Australia, Guatemala, New Zealand, California and Colorado before moving to New York where he now lives with his partner and young son. 

He also likes to play with a pencil and knife and make fires without a match.

other Sorrels to know

oxalis acetosella (wood sorrel) is an edible herb with “shamrock” clover leaves and white flowers. It’s tangy kick is used in a variety of recipes.

Sorrel (rhymes with "laurel") is also the color of a particular horse as well as a refreshing holiday drink in Jamaica.


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