sorrel brae

sorrel brae tells stories

tall tales, funny yarns, sea shanties - so, naturally, he became a writer and director.

as a storyteller, sorrel has collaborated with a host of fascinating people, some of them famous names you would know.  he has also won a variety of awards that sound pretty cool but he doesn’t like to brag.

he does, however, love to work on projects that are challenging, innovative and worthwhile.

born on an anarcho-syndicalist commune in the year of the dragon, he has, on three separate occasions, defied gravity.

he also likes to play with a pencil and knife.

other sorrels to know

oxalis acetosella (wood sorrel) is an edible herb with “shamrock” clover leaves and white flowers, sorrel has a tangy, sour kick used in a variety of recipes.

sorrel (rhymes with "laurel") is also the color of a particular horse as well as a refreshing holiday drink in jamaica.



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