PhMRA "Go Boldly"

National Woman’s Soccer League “Future”

Firefox "Anniversary"

Mizuno "Manifesto"

P&G "Change"

Baylor Hospital "Service"

Don Julio "His Story"

Smart Car "Small Is..."

Dodge "Fall In Love"

NFL / GMC "Stever Tasker"

Hoover "Messy Years"

Nationwide "Boat"

Helio "Bubbles"

Rockettes "Christmas Spectacular"

CORSafe "Truck"

ESPN "Streetball"

Pacific Life "Chalk"

Pacific Life "Projections"

Famous Footwear "Back to School"

Famous Footwear "Christmas Victories"

Essure "Date Night"

Persil "Snap"

Glenrose "Courage"

The Sundance Channel "The Trial of Barnaby Finch"

Canadian Teacher's Association "Grown Ups"

Ikea "Cookie Thief"

Ikea "Grampy"

Toyota Branded Content "A.S.A.S. Bro Shake"

Toyota Branded Content "A.S.A.S Baby Bump"

Toyota Branded Content "A.S.A.S. Name Game"

Toyota Branded Content "A.S.A.S. I Love You Not"

Toyota Branded Content "A.S.A.S. Road Rage"

Canadian PSA "Distracted Driving"

Deadwood "The Real West"

The One Show "Caught"

The One Show "Stalker"

Integra Tire "Car Love"

Scope "Beautiful Mornings"

Motorola "Xoom"

NYC Service "Christopher"

NYC Service "Yvonne"

Mizuno "The Mezamashii Run Project"

Live Out Loud "Tiq"

Live Out Loud "Felix"

Live Out Loud "Matt"

Live Out Loud "Jana"

PNC Bank "Herb & Nancy"

NYC PSA "I Teach NY"

The Reason Campaign "The Otto Family"

Change Agents "Sizzle Reel"

Bristol Myers Squibb "Ericka"

Assurance Wireless "Mother" :30

Assurance Wireless "Mother" :60

Assurance Wireless "Working Man"

Assurance Wireless "Retired"

Assurance Wireless "Spanish"