NFL Hall of Famers

When the good folks over at Digitas asked me to tell the stories of 20 NFL Hall Of Famers for GMC, I was honored but didn't have the heart to tell them I wasn't a football guy and didn't know any of their illustrious names.

Turns out, it didn't matter.  All 20 Hall Of Famers were generous and friendly with their time, totally unfazed by their sports legend status.  They each told unaffected and personal stories of overcoming obstacles in their lives and I was moved time and time again.

My favorite story came from Steve Tasker - special teams hero for the Buffalo Bills.  Steve is well-beloved by many a football fan and, after hearing his eloquent, witty and riveting story, I began to understand why.

I worked on this series of films (slated to air as part of GMC's "Never Say Never" campaign during the NFL season) with the expert editor, Gerald Zecker, the freakishly talented illustrator, Chris Mauch and the inventive and patient animator, Adrian Letechipia.  Post-producer Bridgette Spalding kept our little ship afloat as Anna Prebula and Marc Gottesman from Digitas kept us focused on the bigger picture.

By the end of our journey, I was transformed from an indifferent football philistine into a gridiron guru.  Alright, maybe not.  But at least I now know how to catch a long bomb (in the end zone).