Service, Texas Style

Every so often, you get a client and an agency with the confidence to place their trust in a single vision.  In Dallas, Texas, I found exactly that.

We knew we wanted to portray moments of service.  Moments in a hospital that felt unique and intimate - not drawn from the healthcare commercial handbook.  To get these, we were given unusual freedom of access and subject matter which made all the difference.

I'm as proud of my collaborators as I am of the final piece and, though it was a tight schedule, we never had to compromise a shot.

Producer Meredith Witte pulls the MVP award for both shepherding the project through her agency as well as demanding the highest quality during post-production.  Without her belief and insistence, our crazy idea of using only sound effects for the "musical score" would never have gotten off the ground.  Nor would we have discovered the real Friday Night Lights!

Jeff Kim, as always, delivered sensitive, high quality images with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of skill.  I'm just glad none of us walked away with a haircut from the helicopter.

Keeping the train on the tracks was Shane Kalman, AD extraordinaire and staunch defender of zionist rights (the best AD is one with a gun).

And of course, pulling the whole thing together, was my producer, Stephanie Haberman, whose attention to detail, sensitivity to people and aesthetics, and genuine enthusiasm for "doing it right" have made her an indispensable partner.

Unexpectedly, this has become one of my favorite new pieces.  Thanks guys!