Small is Smart...

As with anything, it all started with an idea.  Actually, more like a Facebook post asking friends to think of "things that are small but have a huge impact.”  Armed with some examples -- some obvious, others obscure -- I invited my new friend and accomplished DoP, Jeff Bierman, to come out and play.  His champion answer was, of course, “YES!”


Together, we tooled around the City of Angels, capturing macro imagery of small-but-powerful things, culminating in the by-now-obvious reveal:  "Small is Smart".

It brought me back to those carefree (long) days of scrappy productions where sweat and tears intermingle with hopes and fears to create an intoxicating mix of high expectations on low resources (and low blood sugar).

Once trusty collaborator Eric Wais and I were done, you’d never know it was shot for a dollar and a dream.


Solid thanks to Lenny Mastrandrea over at Nice Shoes for the excellent color, Joe Miuccio at Pure Sound for the smooth aural design and mix, Melissa Huffsmith-Roth for her “just right” vocal stylings, and my honey pie for her trim waistline.  Music by Sonny & the Sunsets.

I’m very proud of our final piece...