We DID Start the Fire

Socialist leanings can make for awkward conversation among hyper-Capitalist advertisers.  Which is why creating a film for Firefox to celebrate their 10-year anniversary as an open-source, non-profit dedicated to a free and open internet was so personally refreshing.

From the beginning with the Firefox team and Occam’s David Lipson, we envisioned a metaphoric world of cooperation based on the construction of a fire sculpture larger than any one person could make alone.

Mirroring that story, our community of artists and producers and makers and doers joined together to pull off an incredible, and incredibly fun, shoot.

Producer Anne Johnson overcame seemingly impossible obstacles on a daily basis.

While DoP Alex Disenhof leapt into pre-pro with an energy and enthusiasm that the project really needed.

alex disenhof.JPG

Production Designer Eric Archer and his cool, calm team made sure everything looked perfect, moving 20 tons of rock in the process.  


And Emilie Pereira made sure everyone looked good, styling their wardrobe inside that narrow niche between rugged outdoors and street chic.

Bringing the footage home, editor Terence Ziegler crafted an elegant and moving story while visual effects wizard, Vadim Turchin, turned his magic toward the final shot.

Beautifully graded at Nice Shoes by Lez Rudge and mixed by Joe Miuccio of Pure Sound, the final touch was added by longtime collaborator and composer James Morgan whose score takes the story to the next level.

I’m grateful to all of my team and pleased we were able to contribute a small part to the global story of communal minded folks who believe in net neutrality and the power of a collective.  Thanks everyone!