The Rockettes

Some shows are lucky enough to become institutions. The Rockettes are one of them.

Last month I had the pleasure of working with these icons of the New York stage on their Christmas campaign.

Collaborating with the excellent and friendly team from the Martin Agency (James Robinson, Lassiter Stone, Brooke England, Colleen Hopkins, Kelly Sutton), we labored to capture genuinely joyous reactions to a "surprise" appearance by the real Rockettes.

As satisfying as these undirected reactions were, the big treat was working with the Rockettes themselves. I left the shoot awed by their physical prowess and rigorous precision. These dancers are no less than professional athletes performing in micro-second synchronicity. Truly stunning. Thank you for letting our motley film crew step into your world. 

As always, thanks to my excellent team, including the consistently breathtaking photography of DoP Jeffrey Kim, the organizational management of producer Stephanie Haberman, the morale boost of AD Arle Bordas, the fine cutting chops of editor Eric Wais and the musical genius of James Morgan.